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Lazyguys will provide you with your own personal assistant that will run almost any type of errand. Whether you need fast food or restaurant takeout brought to your door, some late night snacks from the store or something dropped off at a friend’s house, we got you covered. Just call or shoot us a text at 662-312-7596 or download our iOS app.

8 Reasons Why Being Lazy Leads To Success -  LifeHack


Become A Driver

Are you interested in a new job or making some extra cash on your free time by driving around? 

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Get it quickly.  We can usually get you whatever you need in under an hour. 

Convenience. Browse menus from local restaurants, place orders and pay right through our app.

Sit back and relax. All you have to do is send us your order and wait. Your personal assistant will let you know when he or she is on the way. 


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How To Be Lazy

Step 1: Order through app

Step 1: Tell us about the task. 

Place an order through a menu on our app or request any other errand using the Request Other errand page. Don't have an iPhone? Feel free to text your request to 662-312-7596.

Step 2: Call Us

Step 2: We start working. 

Our roster of A1 players who deliver pretty much anything to your door start their adventure to get you what you need ASAP! 

Step 3: We Deliver

Step 3: Delivery

Just like that, your order is on its way to your door. Payment is processed after delivery. 

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