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Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

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315 MS12

Phone Number

(662) 323 -5258

Delivery Hours

11:00AM - 2:20PM
4:30PM - 9:00PM
10:50AM - 11:00AM
11:00AM - 2:25PM
4:30PM - 9:00PM
11:00AM - 2:25PM
4:30PM - 9:00PM
11:00AM - 2:25PM
4:30PM - 9:00PM
11:00AM - 2:25PM
4:30PM - 9:00PM
11:00AM - 9:00PM
11:00AM - 9:00PM
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Soup & Salad

Fried Rice

*No substitutions please*

Hibachi Dinner

Served with fried rice & vegetables, soup, salad. *No substitutions please*


Inside Rolls

*No substitutions please*

Inside Out Rolls

*No substitutions please*

Special Rolls

*No substitutions please*

Crunchy Shrimp Roll


Snow crab meat, shrimp tempura

Starkville Roll


Cooked shrimp, crab meat, snapper, tempura flake with spicy sauce

Volcano Roll


Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, topped with spicy crab meat and tempura flake

Crazy Roll


Smoked salmon, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, asparagus

Spider Roll


Soft shell crab, cucumber, lettuce, masago, eel sauce

Alligator Roll


Shrimp tempura, cucumber, tempura flake, topped with eel and avocado

Dragon Roll


Eel, cucumber, topped with avocado and shrimp

Tiger Roll


Shrimp tempura, snow crab meat, topped with eel and smoked salmon

Fantastic Roll


Shrimp tempura, crab meat, eel, topped with masago and green soy paper

Umi Roll


Soft shell crab, cucumber, topped with salmon, tuna, snapper, shrimp

Rainbow Roll


California Roll topped with salmon, tuna, snapper, shrimp

Party Roll


Snow crab, crab meat, avocado, topped with spicy crab meat, masago, tempura flakes

Shaggy Dog Roll


Shrimp tempura, topped with spicy crab, shrimp sauce, eel sauce

Nasa Roll


Yellowtail, pepper tuna, spicy mayo, topped with spicy crab, chili powder

Summer Roll


Spicy tuna, kani crab, avocado, topped with salmon, tempura flake, spicy mayo, eel sauce

Kodo Roll


Spicy crab, cream cheese, avocado, topped with deep fried kani crab, spicy mayo, eel sauce

Twister Roll


Shrimp tempura, snow crab, topped with white tuna, tempura flake, masago, eel sauce

Scorpion Roll


Eel Roll topped with shrimp

Red Roll


Yellowtail, green onion, avocado, masago, tempura flakes, topped with tuna

Phoenix Roll


Tempura shrimp, Cucumber Roll, topped with seared tuna, avocado, red tobiko, tempura flake, green onion

Lobster Roll


Lightly fried lobster, cucumber, spicy sauce, topped with masago, eel sauce, red tobiko

Crawfish Roll


Lightly fried crawfish, cucumber, spicy sauce, topped with masago, eel sauce

Black Dragon Roll


Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado inside, topped with black tobiko

Green Hulk Roll


Eel, avocado, spicy tuna, seaweed salad, tempura flake, wasabi tobiko, topped with green soy wrap

Smoking Mountain Roll


Deep fried salmon, tuna and yellowtail roll, with eel sauce, shrimp sauce

Red Dragon Roll


Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, topped with spicy tuna, green onion, tempura flakes

MSU Roll


Red snapper, masago, cucumber, avocado, snow crab, deep fried with spicy ponzu sauce and green onion (no rice)

Las Vegas Roll


Deep fried kani crab, avocado, topped with spicy tuna, snow crab, tobiko

BMW Roll


Spicy tuna, cucumber, tempura flake, topped with tuna, avocado, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo

Fire Roll


Smoked salmon, cream cheese, jalapeno, deep fried and topped with eel and avocado

Sunset Roll


Crab meat, shrimp tempura, topped with lobster salad

Crystal Roll


Yellowtail, green onion, jalapeno, cream cheese, deep fried and topped with tuna, salmon, honey mayo, red tobiko

Sapporo Roll


Snow crab, spicy tuna, tempura flake roll with soy paper, topped with salmon, avocado, black tobiko, spicy mayo

Mississippi Roll


Yellowtail, red snapper, snow crab, cream cheese, deep fried with eel sauce, spicy mayo

Pacific Roll


Tempura lobster tail, avocado, cucumber rolled with soy paper

Ivy Roll


Shrimp tempura, avocado, topped with seared kani, mayo, eel sauce

Golden Triangle Roll


Yellowtail, celery, kiwi, topped with mango, avocado, mango sauce

Baylee Roll


Spicy tuna, cream cheese, avocado, topped with seared scallop, eel sauce, masago, tempura flake

Pink Lady Roll


Spicy crab, eel, avocado, red tobiko with pink soy paper and eel sauce

Pink Love Roll


Lobster salad, tuna, salmon, shrimp, avocado, snow crab with pink soy paper, spicy mayo, eel sauce

Hand Rolls

Bento Box

Served with salad, fried rice, vegetable tempura, crab puff, and California roll (2 pieces)

Yaki Udon

Udon Soup


Assorted Platter

Box Sushi

Side Orders

With dinner order only

Extra Sauces



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Lunch Hours

Dinner Hours

Sunday - Monday11 am - 8:30 pm


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